As a registered nurse. I have tried a lot of products for my lower back, nerve, and neck pain. I have been suffering for years. Several years actually. Finally, I have relief with products I can stand behind. It makes working through those tough days a hell of a lot easier. You do not know what you are missing. Thank you for getting it right!
Michelle B
Registered Nurse
I ordered the CBD lotion a couple of weeks ago and it has been fantastic. I apply one pump to my shoulders after a long day, and all the stress and tension dissipates instantly. The staff at Triple Crown are some of the best in the business.
Mason Owens
The drops really work with helping me sleep. Much better than the other stuff.
Jimmy Bartholamae
retired FBI agent
I LOVE my products I have purchased from Triple Crown Cannabinoids! My skin has never felt more moisturized and alive! From the moment I applied the lotion I felt it working. My skin was much ----brighter and smoother, and my entire body felt more relaxed! Definitely worth it!
Marcus Stewart
The Fashion Doctor
I developed very bad anxiety after years of medical school and have seen countless doctors to try and solve the problem without being prescribed a medication that knocks me out for hours at a time. After starting Triple Crown’s CBD oil i have completely been able to stop my other medications and have not had any problems with anxiety or panic attacks. If I feel like one is coming, i hold some under my tongue or have a few gummies and everything settles down. I was skeptical at first at how well it would work, but now I do not know what I’d do without it. It has been a total life saver!
Jayson Morrison
Medical Student
Easily defined as top of the line. CBD has best flavor out of anything I’ve tried. Citrus is my new favorite! The potency is definitely accurate and makes you realize how much weaker other products are in comparison.
Ryan Becht
Body Builder
Due to shoulder pain, I was struggling to complete my workouts for two months. I turned to Triple Crown’s Power Balm and immediately felt a difference. I have used the product religiously for 3 weeks now and can’t imagine ever training without it again!
Lance Lacoste
Head Coach/Supervisor of
Ochsner Performance Training
I have tried many CBD products. I will tell you what, there is no comparison. You can actually feel the difference. The price is right in the dosage way better.
Jon Detrenis
Take triple crown cbd every morning and night. Put it in my coffee in the morning which helps relieves my knee pain. Also helps reduce the inflammation from having Crohn’s disease.
Travis Truath
Ok here it goes: finally: CBD oil really helps when I my joints swell and when I feel restless at night: I sleep better and do not wake up with swollen joints.
Marisol Weaver
Taking triple crown products regularly after training dramatically improved my recovery. They are a game changer. All the products are the best I have ever used on the market. Top quality and service.
Alexis Diaz
Power Lifter
I suffered with knee pain after running and the CBD balm stick relieved my pain.
Cindy B
Nurse Practitioner
“I have tried and tested out multiple CBD products for many years in hopes to ease my neck pain. With consistent use of the Triple Crown Oil I have seen a significant difference in the way my neck feels. It’s only been a week but I have seen enough difference to want to continue this method and opt out of taking pain medication. Thank you Triple Crown!”
Arti Patel
SF Bay Area
This CBD oil for my dogs has really helped with Calming my 3 fur children. Bailey in the bottom right does has separation anxiety and the oil has really helped keep her calm. Lucy on the bottom left is 13 years old I feel like the oil really helps with her joints of getting up and down the steps. Aurora at the top of my photo I feel like the oil has helped manager her energy so she’s not as aggressive but still wants to play. Over all I love that it calms them all down when they seem stressed out and helps them relax.
Jessie Smith
Louisville KY
I suffer with insomnia, which is common in post-menopausal women. The CBD oil drops help me relax and get a full night's sleep without that hangover feeling from some prescription medication.
Helen K
I am so happy with this Bacon CBD Oil! My 17 year old girl has arthritis and recently had an eye injury that was causing her discomfort and made her anxiety worse. This CBD Oil saves the day, half a dropper on her food and she is able to rest comfortably and has a pep in her step again! She loves taking short walks and with this oil she enjoys it so much more now, we will continue to use it daily. She is a picky eater but loves the bacon flavor!
Jesse Hatfield
Louisville KY